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What Our Clients Say

J. McCrea from Bennettsville, SC says…


I purchased my Magnum Baby Countryside Corn/Pellet heater eight years ago and it has served me well. It has worked trouble free; all I have to do is keep it clean and keep the fuel clean and dry.

My Magnum Baby Countryside heater has cut my heating cost in half over the years. I fill it once a day and let it work.

It’s safe! If I open any doors on the unit, it will shut off (except the feed door). There is no smell inside or outside my house and there is no smoke; just clean heat. My heater heats all 5 rooms!


Ms. G. Howell from Hemingway would like for you to know…


The warm glow and soft flicker of an open flame. The gentle summer-like breeze. Ahhh, to be warm inside when it’s cold outside. That’s what I now have with my Magnum Alternative Heater. The much lower electric bill is also very NICE. Just add a little corn with the wood pellets and I’m in short sleeve tees instead of being all bundled up. Love it!

This is a letter we received from Mr. Evans about his Traeger Grill:

Dear Alternative Heating Systems & Supply, LLC

I would like to take a moment of your time to thank you for introducing me to the Traeger Grills. I can finally say that I have found the ultimate grilling and smoking system on the market today.

This temperature controlled, wood burning design makes grilling so easy. The great flavor accomplished from the different types of wood provided by Traeger is absolutely awesome!

I purchased the Junior for my RV and for cooking for my wife when at home. I also purchased the Traeger XL for my backyard. Recently, I cooked for a party of approximately 45 people and everyone fell in love with this system.

I am forever grateful for this product and will tell all the people I know about Traeger’s amazing grill. I plan to buy another XL for my office in the near future.



A to Z Coatings and Insulation, INC

Ricky Evans / President