About Us


Alternative Heating Systems & Supply, LLC is a family owned business located in Coward, SC. Mack and Karen Evans began searching for a better way to heat their home that was more economical and Eco-friendly. After researching online as well as reading everything they could find on the subject, they traveled to examine other heating systems. Finally, they came upon what they had been searching for – wood pellet heaters. With this in mind, they began Alternative Heating Systems & Supply, LLC in July of 2011, bringing you- the customer a better and more cost efficient way to heat your home. To read Mack and Karen’s story of how they discovered wood pellet heat, read below. 

To better serve our customers Alternative Heating Systems & Supply, LLC offers on the spot financing (with approved credit) as well as no charge lay-a-way. We ask for 10% down and monthly payments that fit your finances.


How we found Wood Pellet Heaters
We became interested in Bio-Mass, Flex-Fuel heat during the winter of 2004. It was during this time, that we were heating our home with a wood heater. While we loved the heater itself, it soon became a burden – trying to find, cut, splitting and then hauling it in during all kinds of weather. It was because of this and the need to save money, that we began to search for a heater that would heat our home without the hassle and that would save us money in the process.
Let us tell you what we found! We found a heater that used wood pellets as well as Agri-Fuels ( corn, wheat, soybeans etc. ) that would heat our home and have all the benefits of wood heat without the work or the mess. We were so excited and became very interested in this product. For the next 5 years, we researched this product wanting to know the answer to these questions: Who made it? How does it work? What type fuels did it burn? Was there a way I could control the amount of heat it gave off? Would this benefit my heating bill? Are they safe?

After locating a working heater on display, we made the trip to see one of these heaters operate. What we saw sold us on this heating source immediately. We had found what we truly believe is the best, most reliable heater on the market today. Now, we are not saying that there are not cheaper heaters on the market because the fact is- there are, but they will not save you on your heating costs, help our economy, be dependable, technologically advanced or are built to be Eco-friendly as the heaters that we sell in our store.

The heaters we sell are Eco-Friendly, cost efficient and have intelli-choice touch pad controls. They can be controlled by the on-board thermostat or can be operated by a remote wall mount thermostat. Any of the heaters we sell will burn straight from the field – corn, soy beans, wheat, oats as well as wood pellets. The wood pellets are made from sawdust from lumber mills that might otherwise end up in the landfill.

Once a heater is installed, it is plugged into a 110 volt outlet where a minimum of electricity ( Aprox. $10.00 – $12.00 per month (depending upon your provider) turns an auger moving the fuel from the hopper to the fire pot. The fire heats up the air via a heat ex-changer that is blown into the by the room blower unit. The fire box is completely sealed off from the room and a shut down safety device is triggered if the heater looses it’s vacuum. These heaters are 89%-99% efficient on fuel consumption and overall efficiency is at least 87%.

The best way we can describe is this: you get what you pay for. When it comes not only to the comfort and safety of our family, we want ‘quality’ not ‘maybe’.  Go ahead – put our stand-alone heaters or fireplace inserts against all the rest and you will see why we are convinced we have the best there is and why we know we will be seeing you soon.

Mack  and Karen Evans