Alternative Heating Systems & Supply, LLC believes in our community! The town of Coward, SC is a small, rural area with the best people in the world! We believe in supporting each other, lending a hand to our neighbor and extending the right hand of fellowship to those who are new to the area.

The Coward Ball Park has invited us multiple times to assist with Opening Day Ceremonies with our grills and we were humbled to be able to do so. The ease of turning on the grills, food never being burnt,  plus the wonderful flavor added to food (even hot dogs and hamburgers) makes cooking for hundreds of customers happy!

We appreciate being asked to assist several churches in the community as well as the Town Hall of Coward with their grilling needs.  Whether they are grilling for fundraisers, festivals or other events, it is our pleasure to loan them on of our grills when we can. As we have been told many times over, once the word is out that Traeger grills are being used, the turnout gets larger every time. Traeger Grills = SUCCESS!!!