These are just a sample of the types of wood pellet heaters we offer. Come in today and see which one will compliment your home – from the pedistal pellet heaters to the inserts, we have one just for you!

Breckwell Big E Pellet Stove

The newest in the “Big E” line, the  Big E II SP1002offers all the features that you value most – enduring quality, timeless design, and true performance. This sleek, simple pellet stove offers all the efficiency and ease of use of the original Big E, but in a more stylish package. The larger glass viewing window allows for a better view of the fire, while the graceful lines of the exterior blend nicely with any room setting.

Specifications Dimensions Approved
Up to 48,000 BTU’s Width: 26 inch Conventional
Up to 2,200 sq. ft. Depth: 25 inch Mobile Homes
Up to 120 lb. hopper capacity Height: 34 inch Washington State
EPA: Exempt Weight: 287 lbs Canada


Breckwell SP24 Blazer Pellet Stove, SP24 Breckwell Pellet Stove, SP24 Breckwell, SP24 Pellet Stove by Breckwell, Blazer SP24 Pellet Stove by Breckwell


 The SP24 Blazer delivers warmth you can see, with the graceful curves of the arched glass door providing an unobstructed view of the flames. But, more than just a beautiful fire, this impressive unit is designed and engineered for outstanding performance and durability, with whole home heating capabilities. Upgradable with gold or brushed nickel faceplate, as well as realistic log set and brick kit, the Blazer will become you personal expression of style.


Specifications Dimensions Approved
Up to 50,000 BTU’s Width: 26 inch Alcove
Up to 2,200 sq. ft. Depth: 31 inch w/ash lip Conventional
Up to 60 lb. hopper capacity Height: 33.5 inch Mobile Homes
EPA: Exempt Weight: 280 lbs Washington State





Maverick SP22i

The SP22 Maverick pellet stove insert is a low maintenance, environmentally-friendly product that packs a lot of efficiency into a smaller unit. The simplre design, durable construction, automatic ignition, and quiet operation make this unit one of our most popular. Available options include a leg kit, ceramic brick panels and realistic log set. Optional door upgrades include gold and brushed nickel.



Breckwell SP22I Pellet Fireplace Insert Maverick, Maverick SP221 Breckwell Pellet Fireplace Insert, Pellet Fireplace Insert


Specifications Dimensions Approved Installation
Up to 40,000 BTUs Width: 21.5 inch Masonry
Up to 1,500 sq. ft. Depth: 24.5 in. w/ash lip Zero-clearance
Up to 45 lb. hopper capacity Depth in fireplace: 11.5 in Mobile Homes
EPA: Exempt Height: 20 in. in fireplace Built-in
Flashing weight: 13lbs. Weight: 160 lbs. Washington State


These are just a few of the many we have in stock. Whether you need a stand-alone or an insert for your fireplace, there is one that is just right for you!



Trim Options for most heaters

Come in and speak to one of our salesmen and start saving money today. Thank you for supporting clean air, warm nights, economical satisfaction and the American way of life!

"The Outdoors Indoors"


Natures Light: This elegant lamp made locally will be a great addition to any home. Bring in a little piece of the Outdoors to the Indoors. All lamps are hand made so this is a unique addition all in itself.

Natures Light Lamps feature a wildlife scene like no other also has three brightness levels on it. Lamp stands at 5 feet. Come in today and see the other styles we have on display.

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