Our heaters are not like any other heaters on the market. These heaters are wood pellet heaters that are American made and can be used in any home, including mobile homes. What are wood pellet heaters? Heaters that burn wood in pellet form for fuel – no propane, no chopping wood ever again! These heatershave the potential to heat any size home up to 3500 square feet using materials that are readily available such has Corn, Wood Pellets, Wheat, Soy Beans and other Bio Mass materials. All heater models come with an on board computer system that controls the temperature settings ranging from 1 to 5.

Fuel usage per heat setting on most units:

  • On heat setting 1, The unit burns one pound per hour.
  • On heat setting 5, the unit burns five pounds per hour.
  • Fuel usage may vary depending on the heater model and the amount of space needed to heat.

All heating units have a 97% to 99% burn efficiency which means only 1% to 3% total ash is left in the heating unit. For one hundred pounds of fuel you can expect 97 to 99 lb of material used to produce heat with a 87% overall heating efficiency taking in the consideration of electrical usage.

These heaters & inserts work with a negative pressure fire box. If the door is opened accidentally or if a gasket should fail and the firebox looses it’s vacuum, the vacuum safety recognizes there is a problem and in 15 seconds the heater will go into shut down mode. The fire inside the unit will go out but the exhaust motor continues to run for approximately 20 minutes to ensure no fumes enter the home.

Most models come with a self diagnosis system and is explained in the owners manual.

Every heater comes with a 5 year structural warranty and a 1 year warranty on the electrical system.

How Can I Save by Heating With Agri Fuels?

Electricity and propane are almost equal in their price per BTUs. Wood Pellets will produce the same amount of heat at 40% of the cost. Based on electricity $0.11 per KW and propane at $2.60 a gallon Wood Pellets are immensely cheaper at $265.00 per ton or $5.30 a bag.

SAFETY IS #1 AT ALTERNATIVE HEATING SYSTEMS & SUPPLY, LLC and we will make sure the installation is above standard and meets/excels all codes.

Fuel specifications:

  • Grade: Premium
  • Materials: Wood fiber
  • Ash ≤05%
  • Fines ≤ 0.50% ( unburnt residue )
  • Moisture: ≤ 0.60%
  • Corn needs to be 10% – 12% moisture. Dried in field is perfect (i.e Deer Corn) dryer the fuel, more heat can be produced.
  • 8,200 -8,400 BTU rating per pound
  • One ton of Wood Pellets produces 14,000,000 BTUs.

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