Heating Supplies:

Alternative Heating Systems & Supply LLC has up-to-date accessories for all your heating needs.
Along with keeping new heaters on hand we also keep plenty of Bio Mass fuel (Wood Pellets) for your heater.

All ventilation pipe is Bio-Mass rated. All vent pipes are laser welded (Not Spot or Pop Welded), 304 stainless steel, double wall and is rated at 1 inch to combustibles, also vent pipe is twist lock connection for easy assemble and positive connection.

Make a trip today to visit us at our location 3515 US Hwy 52 Suite 5, Coward SC 29530.

Grilling Supplies

Not only do we sell Traeger Grills, we also carry a full line of grilling pellets from Alder, Cherry, Oak, Mesquite, Pecan, Maple, Hickory and Apple. Each bag of pellets contains all natural pellets and equals to $50.00 worth in charcoal. How is this possible? Easy- with Traeger Grills there is NO waste!

The sauces, shakes and rubs will add that special touch of flavor to any type of meat or vegetable. Come in today to pick out your favorite spice.

Multi-uses for Pellets!!


The pellets we make and sell assist some of the local Bee Keepers. They use the pellets to smoke the bees to comfort them before gathering the honey. The pellets, when used as fuel for this purpose, last longer which benefits both the bees and the Bee Keeper!

Pellets are also being used in horse stables. Make sure the type of pellets that you need are the ones you purchase. Wood pellets are made from different types of wood. For example, some are made of pine, or oak  or a mixture of woods. Some are hardwoods and some aren’t. Be sure that the wood pellets you purchase are the right ones for your need.

Send us a suggestion as to how pellets can be use differently! It’s easy to do. Just send us your thoughts and/or comments to Thanks!!!