Traeger Grills

We are pleased to announce that we will be your dealer for Traeger Pellet Grills as of March 2012!

The Tailgater Grill (shown with the blue lid)

Introducing the new Traeger Junior, our most affordable Traeger pellet grill yet! Perfectly sized for small households, tailgating, college living and as a second grill for your vacation home. It’s small but has it all!
The Junior features 292 square inches of cooking surface, along with our electronic autostart ignition and E-Z drain grease systems, the Junior is a perfect introduction to wood pellet cooking, creating great tasting food every time.



Tailgater Pellet Grill - Silver




The Pro Series 22 (shown with the blue lid)

A stylish twist on our popular Lil’ Tex, the “Elite” features a multi-position digital thermostat control, upgraded wheels, and a durable powder coat finish round out the amazing standard features of the Lil’ Tex Elite. This model is sure to set the barbecue world on fire!

 Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill - Blue
The Pro Series 34  Grill (shown with bronze lid)

The classics never go out of style. Introduced in 1992, this grill has become our most popular model. Designed after the traditional Texas Style wood cookers, this unit brings old fashioned wood cooking into the 21st century by featuring a high-tech auger-fed burner, electronic autostart ignition, multi-position digital thermostat control, EZ-drain grease system, and a durable powder coat finish. Forget fire tending and temperature control problems. This unit automatically augers wood pellets to accurately provide the exact temperature you set.

Traditional design combined with “state of the art” technology deliver professional results every time you cook. If you’re serious about your outdoor cooking, this is the Traeger for you.



Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill - Bronze





The Select

The latest in residential pellet grills! It’s sleek design, high quality stainless steel trim, handy side tables, precise digital temperature control and enclosed storage space makes this grill perfect for any home, any where! The flat grilling surface is larger by 37%, large enough to grill a dozen steaks, several slabs of pork ribs, three briskets, multiple pizzas, two large turkeys, or even a whole lamb or suckling pig.

Be the focal point of parties and family dinners alike. Grill, barbeque (low and slow), smoke, bake, braise, or roast. Taste the difference with the new Traeger SELECT!

Let your grill baby you instead of you having to baby it.

Let your grill baby you instead of you having to baby it.












Not only do we sell Traeger Grills, we also carry a full line of grilling pellets from Alder, Cherry, Oak, Mesquite, Pecan, Maple, Hickory and Apple. Each bag of pellets contains all natural pellets and equals to $50.00 worth in charcoal. How is this possible? Easy- with Traeger Grills there is NO waste!

The sauces, shakes and rubs will add that special touch of flavor to any type of meat or vegetable. Come in today to pick out your favorite spice.

We also have covers to protect your grill from the elements as well as accessories and parts!

We ARE your Traeger Grill supplier!

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